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Build apps your
users need

Looking for help with an app project? I’m an product strategist
and app developer based in Brighton, UK. I can take you from discovery
all the way through to development.

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Product discovery & app development

As a product manager / strategist with over six years of experience, I have worked with various clients to develop customer-facing and internal apps. My main focus is to ensure that my clients’ ideas are validated and that they have a clear route to market before embarking on the app development journey.

I strive to use existing technologies where possible to ensure that my clients’ apps are efficient and cost-effective. I aim to help clients develop apps that meet their user’s needs and exceed their expectations

– Nick Braithwaite


As a customer-focused professional, I can help you identify your customer’s unmet or undeserved needs by actively listening to you and asking open-ended questions. From there, I will work with you to develop a roadmap that addresses customer pain points and helps you achieve your goals.

Develop Apps

As an app developer, I can help you develop the products that emerge from the discovery process in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Using NoCode tools, we can rapidly build and iterate on prototypes, without the need for traditional software development. This allows us to test and refine our ideas quickly, getting your products to market faster and with less risk.


Once your product is ready for launch, I can help you work out a marketing strategy to deliver growth. Using a combination of digital marketing techniques, such as social media advertising, SEO, and email marketing, I can help you reach your target audience. I can also help you track against OKRs we may have identified in the discovery phase.